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"Studio2111" promotes courses of formation about sustainable architecture about curved surfaces constructions technologies (arcs, vaults and domes) with the purpose to spread the theory of the self-construction, explaining in detailed way the different actions of the project and exposing some jobs related to the typology of architecture. The objectives to reach are the followings: - to sensitize the young people about the sustainable architecture, actually cultural patrimony of marginal diffusion; - to give the possibility to university students and graduates of the faculties of Engineering and Architecture of a further specialization able to form a new professional figure, that brings in itself the crismis of the creativeness and innovation in the tradition (the techniques and methodologies it learned during the course of formation are in fact debtors of ancient revisit African architectural techniques); - to stimulate the students to a cultural and professional exchange to come true in an environment predisposed to this purpose and that it favor an ample transmission of know-how. Learning of techniques of construction of curved surfaces buildings in conformity with the echo-compatible principles of the sustainable architecture. The knowledge transmitted to the discentis will allow them to reproduce structures to manifold use resorting to innovative techniques on the base of traditional principles of construction of the African areas. A specialization of such course is meaningful in the formation of a professional figure in the field of the international (to European and extra European level) and in conformity with cooperation, through one matured competence and innovative spirit, to the actual demands of the considered sector . Finally, the intercultural climate proposed by the course -with the flow deriving from students also from geographical and different politics areas, as well as from heterogeneous professional backgrounds- it contributes to create an atmosphere of intense cultural exchange and inherent knowledge to our sector of interest .

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