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On an afternoon in April 2012, in a living room of a Neapolitan house, between a coffee and a sesame biscuit, three friends meet to comment on a small book during a break from a project they were working on.

That living room belonged to the architect Fabrizio Carola, author of the little book, and the friends were the architects Luigi di Pietro and Stefania Vestuto.

There was a dialogue on the connections existing between the utopia of the story and the type of constructions around which they found themselves.


Studio2111 is born

The name derives from the title of the story, in which the architect Carola imagined a future in which society was founded on respect and collaboration between people.

The same concept of collaboration and sharing indissolubly connects the domes to a different way of life, towards a new social and housing model, attentive to the intimate relationship between man and the surrounding environment. Structures with curved surfaces (arches, vaults and domes) therefore characterize the projects of Studio2111

Currently the studio is made up of two architects who, with different design and construction experiences, both in Italy and abroad, master the construction and compositional technique that characterizes the works of Fabrizio Carola.

Luigi di Pietro


Stefania Vestuto


Born in Castellammare di Stabia in 1980, he graduated in architecture in Naples "Federico II" with the study of gridshell and bamboo with prof. Sergio Pone. In 2009 he founded an associate studio that mainly deals with interior design and retail. In the same year he meets the architect. Fabrizio Carola with whom he begins a collaboration that tends to intensify more and more. Just the collaboration with the arch. Carola takes him to foreign experiences and contaminates him with organic design and bio-architecture. To this day he continues his experience as a designer fascinated by the management of vine forms.

Born in Lucca at the end of 1981, she graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Naples "Federico II" with a thesis on the redevelopment of clay artefacts with Professor Dora Francese. His training in bio-ecological architecture confirms his sensitivity for issues relating to the sphere of sustainability in construction and architecture and for the interconnections between environment-man-nature. He has several experiences in national and international contexts and is in Southern Italy, where he meets the architect Fabrizio Carola, with whom he begins an intense collaboration that begins the adventure of "Studio2111". 

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